Monday, November 21, 2011

Day Game 5: The Jobsite 1... # close

The Jobsite 1... # close (Streaming globally)

- since the area has many sets, I wanted to open as many sets as possible
- encourage more on conversation
- playful but not funny

I just resign from work. My goal right now is to work night shift. I have a family to care in the morning and my day job is interfering it. I walk-in to this company and submit my credentials. I saw this HB7 and realizing she is here applying too. During the exam, we sit next to each other. Afterward, outside I give the most common opener and engage in a conversation.

Ahoz: Hi! how was the exam for you?
HB7: I don't know? Quite difficult for me
Ahoz: Same here! By the way, I am Ahoz.
HB7: Kaye. I am nervous! (So let me change her name to "kaye_stream" for future refences)
Me: just relax.
kay_stream: thanks.

I was thinking about what's next. I need to keep the convo. It was lunch time that we finished the exam so I take the oppurtunity for instant date and ask her for a lunch. We go to the nearest fastfood and I ask her to look for a chair while I lined for our food. She gave me her money, her order and proceed to find a chair. While eating, I ask more about her. I found out she is from different province and on her 2year as tourism student. We talk a lot and a had few laugh. We know we have interview next, so we finished up and head back.

After the interview, to which I fail, I ask her if I can get her number. She gave me her number and I saved it. I was thinking on building a day two on her.

After about 2 hours, I text this to her "Good luck on your interview! - Ahoz" to which I could have text her this "Thanks for the company, good luck!". It could have been more precise.

Lesson Learned:
- Nothing beats an ultimate opener "Hi"
- I learn approaching without telegraphing interest
- creating instant date

Thing to Work Out:
- creating strong identity
- playful, cool
- planning for day 2, and logistics if positive

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Game 4: Hire Gun (1st Hire Gun # close)

- how to demonstrate Alpha with a hire gun
- hire gun are difficult to infiltrate

After from my friend's party, my friend, Phil, invited me to go Cobra's and check out the place. So we drove on my motorcycle and hid to the place. The ambiance was good that you wouldn't notice it was a stripper haven. Great music, great environment (and no I didn't plug the place).

My AA's killing me. I just sit in the high chair near the bartender, obviously observing and at the same time looking at the ladies. I saw more 7-8's and few 5's.Take note, the hire guns never approach somebody they can't get reward. And by that I mean money. Fortunately, my friend take over the scene. He said he knows the place and he knows everybody, even the owner. So, he introduce to some of the girls. One by one, they approach me and introduce their self to me. I ran negation and palm reading to the some ladies.

Two sets approach us, an HB7 and HB5. I introduce myself and run a game on them. I know that hire guns will let you kino them, why? because that is their job. I ran negation and palm reading on them. I set my eyes on HB7 and hoping I will see some IOI's but HB5 gives me the look instead. She keeps on insisting to try it to her. I did once, but she keep on asking for more. I refused and asked her to pay me first. I laugh the whole time I game them.

Then came another 2 sets. All HB 7.5. Same, they introduce themselves, one is Cheryl another one is Helen. I taught I can game Cheryl but I was being warned by my friend that she is his bad girl. I laugh and shift my game to Helen. Same opening and same game. I ran negation and palm reading. I try to let her open the conversation and create escalate convo but it was her turn to the stage.

Me: Hmmm, why don't you give me your number and maybe we can hang out together. Just chilling, after work maybe.
Cobra's Helen: Sure, its 09**-***-****...

I save it and let her run the dance floor. I know I fulfill my # close but I still doesn't leave a mark on her. She give me her number on easy. I should have been more playful and leave an identity. After a few drinks, my friend and I exited.

Lessons Learned:
- it is good to have a wing, better if he knows the place and known from the place
- I learn how to use negation and running some routine
- don't overuse routines
- easier to have a convo with a hire gun if you hit her soft spot and that is to talk about life
- hire guns will approach someone if: one, they know someone who knew me; two, if she can get some reward

Thing to Work Out:
- improve my posture, I think the way I sit might add help on projecting one's identity
- routine... I should have bring more
- more playful without being a clown
- escalate convo
- Leaving an identity

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day Game 3: Mall Hours

Day Game 3: Mall Hours

- eliminate AA
- opening a walking set

After my class, I have to go to a department store to buy some perfume for my cousin (yes, my cousin! and it's her birthday tomorrow). In the department store, I found it hard to look for the store boutique that sell particular perfume. I know right away that I can used my problem to initiate a talk to women. So, I scan the area for possible target or set that I can talk to.

Alas, I noticed a one-set walking from my behind, I knew right away that she is a 8.5, (yes, an 8.5!). Some hesitation. I should approach her before we change each other direction. walking past a few steps from her, i slightly turn back.

Me: Excuse me, Do you know where is the Bench Shop?
HB: (she stop for a while) Hmmm, I think it's in the second floor.
Me: Yes, I used to think it's in that area. I got lost.
HB: Sure, it is in the second floor.
Me: ok, Thank you!

And of I go. Damn, I can't escalate the situation. I don't even know her name.

Lessons Learned:
- I know how to turn to target without being sleazy
- difficult to approach a walking set
- generate companionship

Thing to Work Out:
- improve convo to encourage set to join go to shop
- approach more walking sets to improve escalation
- escalate convo and improve to # close

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day Game 2: At the school - AA's on the Move - Opening a 2-set, make that 3

- still erase AA
- opening a set without intention but just for the talk
- erase procrastination

As I was looking around at the school hoping to glance a single set to approach, my AA overtake me whenever I see one. I do see one HB8 sitting in the bench. I now lock my target but again my AA overtake. I just keep on staring her, my knees are shaking, my mind are out. So I figure out, I cannot approach her. Damn!

So what I did, I just walk around hoping to find another one. Alas, I found a 2-set, one HB7 and HB7.5. I try to fight my AA's out. I just say to my self, I just want to talk to them. The convo goes like this:

Me: Today is Saturday, why I see students in there school uniforms? (But they are in there PE uniforms)
HB7.5: It is a pre-final day.
Me: But your on PE uniform, do you have exam too?
HB7.5: Yes, PE 4 ( PE4 means they're in their second year - probably just 18y/o)

and I keep notice HB7 is quite...

Me: (to HB7) so, Are you to classmate, I guess?
HB7: yes
Me: by the way I'm Ahoz
HB7.5: I'm Naughty
HB7: I'm Shy
Me: I'm not gonna stay long, coz I have my class in 9am. So, Who is the most intelligent? ( I had my eyes on HB7.5)
Hb7: *giggle*

blah blah blah...

Then their another classmate, a HB7, join them, and they become 3-sets, that makes me a bit harder to extend the talking...

Me: Hello, my name is Ahoz, I just take a chit chat with your friend.
HB7: *nodded*

I exited after a while without even asking for their numbers. Lame!

Lessons Learned:
- 3-second rule is importance
- I found out I'm okay with Cold Approach

Thing to Work Out:
- improve way to approach 2 or 3 sets
- specify target
- escalate convo
- improve convo to # close

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day Game 1: The Banana Bait

Day Game 1: The Banana Bait

- erase AA

There was this HB7 standing outside our office, then one of my co-worker dare me to approach the girl. I said, "I will approach her if you would give me that banana"... And so we agreed, that give me enough courage to approach a person.

I was thinking of an opener, and here is part of our convo:

Ahoz: Hello, are you waiting for someone in our office?
HB7: hmmm, no. (looking away from me)
Ahoz: OK, I thought you are waiting for someone.
HB7: Yes, I was waiting for my BF.
Ahoz: Ok, I just go ahead. Thanks.

LOL, I never thought of that statement and I never escalate to even know her name... hahaha, lame! but well, I still get the reward.

Lessons Learned:
- It easier to approach if somebody force you to
- anxiety diversion by baiting self of the reward

Things To Work:
- 3 seconds rule
- AA overcome
- learn to escalate
- overcome BF-block

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 0: Attacking AFC mode

I am Ahoz:
I am 29; medium built (when I say medium it means, 5'5" with 180lbs);

I have been reading about this forum for quite a time now. I've been motivated to write my own experience, and be guided of the way it deals me.

Basically, there was no difficult for me initiating a conversation. I am friendly, BUT, this is not really applicable when I encounter a HB 8-10. I was such a dork, I just stare them (AFC mode), but I can't initiate a conversation nor approach the HB. How much more if they go by sets. I can open a conversation with HB6-7, higher than them, I cannot...

This I found out, I can go on conversation if I have no intentions of what so ever in them. I can talk to stranger about some directions. I can talk to any person, but I just can't escalate the situation.

So here I am, posting in this forum, hoping someone will correct the way I deal with my approaches.

Who Am I:
  • I am currently in AFC mode
  • AA is eating me

  • Erase AA
  • Attract women
  • Increase confidence
  • Lost Weight in order to Increase Attraction (current weight above...)
  • being not needy, sleazy
  • change my status ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ahoz PUA Field Guide

I was reading some stuff about PUA, then it came to my mind to start a diary about it. This way, I will know my progress, if ever there was.